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Providing excellent noise absorption as well as barriers to noise, our industrial product line also offers extreme durability to withstand even the harshest industrial environment. In areas where aesthetic presentation is desirable, our line of decorative noise abatement products provide attractive noise control to suit your specific room decor.

Model MAS, Modular Acoustic Screen & Model QCC, Quilted Curtain Composite

NSTI manufactured Model QCC and Model MAS combine a high mass noise barrier in conjunction with a lightweight acoustical fiberglass quilt absorber. Quilted Curtain Composites are designed to both contain and absorb noise or to act as a moveable barrier between noisy and quiet areas.

Model QC, Quilted Curtain

Used as a lining for housings, enclosures, walls or other reflective surfaces, Model QC reduces reverberant noise energy. Its' versatility provides a low cost solution to many noise problems.
When the facing material on these stable diamond shape encasements is subjected to airborne sound waves, the individual membrane faces respond diaphragmatically (like a drum head) and transmit sound energy through the non-porous facing into the fiberglass batting core material where it is dissipated as thermal energy.
Enclosures for noisy equipment
Plant dividers
Moveable screens
Liners for existing walls
Office cross talk barriers
Pipe and duct wrap
Overlayment for suspended
Engine housing liners
Laminated quilt facings for high
   pressure fluid applications
High performance
Wide temperature range
Fire Safe
Moisture resistant
Custom design
Decorative facings for
    architectural applications

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