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Extremely durable, NSTI's Flexible Noise Barriers block the passage of sound waves and reduce noise transmission. Used in conjunction with an absorber to form a composite, optimum noise control can be achieved.
NSTI's Model FNB, Flexible Noise Barrier is a limp, tough, high mass vinyl loaded with lead free fillers to increase performance. Where visual access must be maintained, clearview barrier is available. Model FNB, Flexible Noise Barrier
High Performance
Fire safe -- Low smoke configurations available.
Multiple styles
Environment safe
Custom designs
Maximum flexibility
Wide temperature range
Pipe & duct wrap
Wall & door septums
O.E.M. applications
Machinery covers
Curtain enclosures
Engine housing liners
Area dividers
Custom die cut parts

Contact us today.  Noise Suppression Technologies engineers are available to help you select the best composite for your specific noise application. Barriers and Composites.


Composite lining for existing metal
Duct lining
Engine housing liners
Overlayment for drop ceilings
Air compressor enclosures
Pump or other motor driven equipment
Floor underlayment
Internal component to standard
   & staggered stud wall
Isolation of high noise areas such as
   home entertainment rooms, play
   rooms, family rooms
Secure Conference Rooms & Executive
High Performance
Multiple styles available
   to meet temperature
   & fire requirements
Environment safe
Custom designs
Easy installation
Maintenance free



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